Best Logo Design Softwares


A logo is an identification of any company. What if the customer does not recognise you even they use your product?

Oh, nobody wants that situation.

Maybe customer never buys a product from the unidentified company.

Your logo must be simple but catchy. It must have potential to define your company, so think a new and creative logo if you are starting your own business.

But, designing is not an easy task to perform. You must have some creativity to create something new. You can hire some professional designer if you have a budget. On the other hand, you can design your logo on your own with the help of logo design software.

If you want to go through the later one, I have noted some best logo design software. I hope this article will help you to start with your logo.

Adobe Illustrator


A vector image is the best for good visualisation and scaling purpose in any sized screen without losing image quality. And, Adobe illustrator is a vector graphics tool used to draw different vector images. This tool assists designers in creating any kind of designs while logo design is more supportive. It provides a set of brilliant tools like selection tool, drawing tool, type tool, paint tool, reshaping tool, slicing and cutting tool, symbolism tool, graph tool, moving and zooming tool. Most professional logo design refers adobe illustrator for a high-class quality logo/image.

If you are new to use this tool, you may refer to various tutorials to get familiar. Adobe also provides a basic tutorial to its user with the ease of various features- access to templates including Adobe Stock templates, storing your creation in Creative Cloud, flat UI, pen tool preview and much more to design great logos.

download Adobe Illustrator || Adobe Illustrator tutorials

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is the most dominant graphic editor and design tool. It provides a full range of features to edit images and design posters. This tool is the best choice for the photographers to edit images with high quality. While beginner designers can also use this tool to design 2D or 3D logos. You can get tips and tutorials to use it. Pen tool, selection tool, and colour replacement tool are some effective tools to design a logo in Photoshop. So, be a designer using photoshop.

download Adobe Photoshop || Adobe Photoshop logo design tutorials

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio


Almost everyone has an intention to create a pixel perfect logo. Summitsoft Logo Design Studio caters to design vector images since 15 years with its great interface. It is simple and easy to use even for the beginners. Some powerful tools at your fingertips include easy access to logo templates and vector shapes, incredible seamless effects, resizing and reshaping images, other drawing tools to create a logo.

download Summitsoft Logo Design Studio

Logosmartz Logo Design Software


Don’t stress your mind if you do not have graphics design knowledge.Creating your own logo using Logosmartz logo design is very easy. You can use the trial version to start with it and purchase it later.

Innovative features of this software cover inbuilt logo templates, vector graphic symbols, font, colour, gradient effects and much more.

download Logosmartz Logo Design Software

Logo Yes


Start your designing without downloading software. Yes, Logo Yes supports you to create an online logo and customise it as you prefer. You have to follow three easy steps to create your own logo. Firstly, select the type of your company. Secondly, choose the suitable icon from Icon Gallery. Next, you can add text and customise its colour, font, size and placement. Finally, you can see the preview of your logo and purchase your logo.

start with Logo Yes

Jeta Logo Designer


The Jeta Logo Designer is completely simple, fast and free software for logo designing. You can design your logo within a few minutes. Its free edition includes over 1000 free shapes, icons, and 200 styles to design your own logo. You can also go with its business edition for additional shapes and logo templates.

download Jeta Logo Designer

Quick Logo Designer


The Quick Logo Designer is a logo designing tool, best for business fields with advanced features. It includes about 2000 logo template library with 4500 high-quality vector fonts and symbols. You can import images to customise your logo. Its user- friendly interface is filled with different tools, icons, colour palette.It allows you to save your logo as a template (for future use) and publish your logos in different formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, EPS, and TIFF.

download Quick Logo Designer



CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor which is designed for 2D images like logos and posters. CorelDraw supports mainly Windows OS. It provides graphic edit and logo design with features of different colour management, pixel view, supports different file formats, drag and drop colour functionality and much more.

download Corel Draw



Logaster is an online design tool where you can create a logo or business card design or envelope design or Fax cover design or favicon of your choice. Creating your design is free, but you have to purchase your design to use. It supports different file formats (SVG, PDF, PNG, JPEG, DOCX, ICO). You can easily customise your design before or after purchase. It is a simple and easy tool that gives good image quality. Steps to follow in order to design a logo are:

  • Choose your activity type (company name)
  • Choose a logo concept
  • Edit a logo concept with preview of business card
  • Save a logo concept
  • Sign up to create an account, edit your concept and share your logo with the friends

start with Logaster

Apple Motion


Apple Motion (Motion 5) is a software developed by Apple Inc. for Mac OS. Its primary use is designing and editing of motion graphics. You can create your design from scratch or select one from 37 available templates. It helps with the composition of 2D and 3D visual effects. Its best feature is – user can easily create his custom effects, add filters, effects, and animation in the real time.

download Apple Motion || Apple Motion Tutorials



Another simple, fast and free online logo design tool to create and download logo is LogoMaker.  It provides a handy document for beginners and some useful information about creating a logo.

Its primary objective is to help small business owners to help in creating a logo on their own. To access the free online service, you simply have to register as a user. Then, LogoMaker provides its free service for your first 6 logos. After that, you can pay for its plan with the nominal fee.

Easy steps to create your unique logo are:

  • Provide your company name and type
  • Choose a design
  • Customise your design with colours and fonts
  • Save logo with your email and password

start with Logomaker

Sothink Logo Maker


Sothink Logo Maker tool intends to provide a basic knowledge of logo designing to the newbie. You can easily give a professional look to your logo within few minutes. If you don’t have graphic design experience, then don’t worry. Sothink Logo Maker provides more than 360 logo templates and publishes your logo to different file formats. It offers a different colour palette and more than 4000 vector graphics under 33 categories to assist you with designing. The user can easily customise their design using different tools available on the toolbar.

download Sothink logo maker

Final Thoughts:

Designing a logo is not an easy task. However, we can find many tools on the web that assist us to tackle this problem. Here, I assembled some easy and popular logo maker software. If you are using any of these tools, feel free to share your experience with us.