10 Common Web design Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Website in 2017


Everybody dreams of hosting a business website with good traffic. Unfortunately, your expectation may fall down as you launch your website.

Do you have any clue for WHY?

In an online platform, you’ll face your customer virtually. So, your website is fully responsible for dealing your end users.

Whenever a visitor lands a website, he’ll go through different aspects like content, features, navigation, etc. However, you’ve one second to retain his first attention. If your website contains harsh design and complex actions, then your visitor surely leaves the website without getting into your content.

We can say, a design of the website lies above all of the other components to make the customer stay. To give you a crystal clear feature of the website, it’s necessary to avoid some common website mistakes.

Here are 10 common web design issues to shield a traffic rate of the website. Without further ado, let’s walk to the article.

Page Load Speed


Nowadays, it’s very critical to maintain the high page speed for better performance of the entire site. While browsing any site, the user expects to load the page within 2 seconds. Because the user doesn’t have time and patience to wait.

If you’re unable to increase the overall load time of your website, then you’re losing your potential clients. To resolve this issue, you can take care of various factors affecting the page loading. These factors are available bandwidth, a number of HTTP request, code minification, optimised image and CDN.

Complex Functionality


After landing on the website, what will be the users’ expectation? Without any doubt, simple and easy functionality.

For the e-commerce website, online registration, shopping cart and payment processing are the key functionality to run. This functionality keeps the customer engaged with the website and urge them to purchase the product. If they get tangled with exhausting functionality, they ultimately leave your website. Hence, you’ll be suffering for long-term.

So, if you find any complexity with a feature of your website, you have to tweak the code asap. This will add value to your website. As a result, you’ll be garnered with happy customers.

Poor Navigation


Image Source: Web Design Burn

Flawless navigation provides a better user experience. It leads your visitor to find your products/services and helps the interested visitor to convert into customers.

If you execute proper navigation on your website, your potential customer is more likely to take action that you want. And you’ll be blessed with the loyal customer.

However, a puzzled navigation enforces the client to change their route and make them never come back.

Overuse of Font and Colour


Image Source: Website Freedom

Use of font and colour is vital for the proper formatting of the website. Fonts add style to the content and colour adds the visible appearance of links or buttons. Meanwhile, too many fonts or more colours will wreck the reputation of your website.

Limiting the use of fonts up to 2-3 and use of specific colour that indicate the nature of a website is highly recommendable for a good website. You can find significant meaning of colours such as

RED conveys excitement, danger, stop

GREEN conveys grow, organic

YELLOW conveys a caution, emotion, and others.

Regular Use of Stock Images


Images make your website more attractive and interactive than a plain text. Including images in the content is a good practice. But also, you have to give full attention to examine the quality and meaning of an image. While using the stock image without correlating the relevancy will degrade the quality of the website. As a result, you’ll suffer from high bounce rate.

To overcome this circumstance, you can use original, content-based and authenticate images. The unique and exciting images will engage the potential customer for a long time.

Inadequate Testing


Just crafting an appealing website will not confirm the consistency of each component in different platforms. In a rush to launch the website, most of the web designers ignore the testing phase of the website. This may cause trust building issue with the niche customers.

So, a better approach to handling this situation is to set the time of the testing website in a planning phase. This will safeguard the chance to loose the customer and build a brand in the marketplace.

Lack of Modern Techniques


As the year passes, new techniques and trends are breached. However, we can see the use of traditional design on the website. This bad practice will cause the severe effect to the user experience. The outlying appearance signifies the potentiality of the website. If your customer experience arduous functionality with lots of interrupting elements, then your customer will get retarded and leave your site instantly.

So, for a designer, it is compulsory to keep himself up-to-date with new trends and implement it as per requirement. Some latest trends of web design include use of SVG (scalable vector graphics) and animations, grid layout practice, infinite parallax scrolling, beautiful typography, SEO-friendly and much more.

No Responsive Design


Image Source: Act-on

Since the world is diverted towards the internet-based, we can see a rate of the mobile user has increased significantly. Whenever a user browses the website, he desires to have a consistent look of the website as on the desktop. But if your website is unable to make him feel the same way, you’ll lose your web traffic. And this is a big NO for any website owner.

Today, most of the online activities are carried out through mobile.Thus, before going live, you have to ensure whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

Many Banners Than Content


Banner is a mean of passive income. While the use of many banners on the web page may impact your reputation in a negative way. Too many banners make your website an advertisement platform rather than an information sharing platform. As a result, the end user gets irritated and switch the website.

In order to rescue the website from the high bounce rate, it is better to use the content-based banner of small size. It’ll give an appealing look of the website.

Infeasibility of Social Sharing

Social network plays a vital role in brand awareness of the website. The audience can share and like the interesting and informative post on their social networks. However, if your website doesn’t sync with the social media accounts, you’ll be unable to stay connected with your potential audience. Eventually, this will affect the customer conversion rate of the website.

Final Thought

If you get through any of these web design mistakes on your website, then it’s time to revamp your website. After some tweaks, you’ll get a powerful website that will converse the potential customers and increase your ROI.