Estimated Cost of redesigning a site


Since the beginning of the web, Web designing has become an important strategy for a business. A proper web designing gives the handy website.

However, as a time fly, many companies neglect the maintenance of their website.

Although your business is bursting within a local area, you’re losing a great potentiality to earn global clients due to low performance of your site.

And this is a goof.

To examine whether your site needs redesigning or not, you can read our article “7 Signs For Redesigning”.

If you’ve set up your mind for redesigning, you may want to know the overall cost of website revamps. This article is drafted to cover this topic.

Still, the cost estimation may not be exact. As you know a total cost varies per your requirement. The cost to redesign an existing website may alter because of different factors. Redesigning of a website walks through several phases which will affect the redesigning cost.

Now, let’s discuss these things in more detail.

Process or Phases of Website Redesigning


Before proceeding redesigning process, redesigning company must discover your business objectives and goals. Also, you have to crack the important aspects of your site. These aspects could be:

  • List out the important features and design of the site.
  • Determine the requirement of new application or functionality on the site.
  • Organise the pages of the site based on the content requirement.
  • Pick the right colour for the site.

Planning and Design

After gathering all the prerequisites for redesigning, it is time to plan for your site. Your website designer should prepare and plan the design for the site and present it to you. Then, it’s your job to ensure the right design for your site.

This phase includes these aspects:

  • Page templates for different pages.
  • Design for email like newsletters, event invitation, etc.
  • Navigation design and colour.
  • Colour for each page of the site.

Optimisation of The Content

Most users come to the site if they find the reliable content. So, a content is vital to engage the visitor on the site. Interesting and informative content also encourages the visitor to perform appropriate Call To Action.

To make the content available to the potential clients, content needs to be optimised. Optimisation of the content can be done by following these steps:

  • Keyword Research to list top notch keywords.
  • Write useful articles by using keywords.
  • Includes proper image or videos for the article.

While redesigning a site, you have to provide the name of a lead member of the content team to the developers.


Now, this phase is most important. Here, you have to choose the best platform/website builder to build your site. Also, developers add life to your designs and requirements. Developers will code your site to ensure a better user experience. Then, your website starts functioning.

You can also check the compatibility of the site with different browsers and devices. You can also provide your review and request a developer team for any change.



After reviewing and approving the temporary website, you’re ready to go live. You can launch your website after assuring these things on the site:

  • Old URLs are pointing to the new URLs.
  • URLs are SEO-friendly.
  • Google and Domain provider is directing your new website.

Factors influencing the Cost of Website Redesign

A total cost of website redesign depends on different factors. And these factors are:

  • Website Building Team

A Website Building Team is a backbone of redesigning. The cost of hiring team depends on their skill and experience level. Hiring a team not only limit your website designing process. A team should be able to cover designing, developing, analysing, basic SEO and quality assurance.

If your objective is to score a huge success in the business, then costing a professional team will give break through to your business. The expert team will ensure your success rate for the long run. They have a sound knowledge of market need and understand required strategy for widening your business.

  • Features and Functionality

Most of the business wants to add new functionality or advanced features on their site. This may add user experience and business value. But in the case you don’t know the problem with your site, you can ask your users to recommend for new changes. Depending on the complexity of the requirement, the developing cost alters.

Observing the overall performance of the site, you can enlist the required features and functionality along with the scope of the project.

This list will help the development team to work more effectively to reach your business goal.

  • Content Creation

Creating a content is the most time-consuming and long lasting process that keeps the potential client engage with your site. Along with that, a good content holds your brand and has the ability to influence a client to perform some action.

However, writing a content doesn’t mean to include other’s content in your site. Original, freshness and quality are the important features of a good content. The combination of text, images and videos will give a powerful content to engage the user.

If your company is unable to produce a quality content, then you have to hire a content writer for your site. So, content creation also a factor to influence redesigning of a site.

  • Process

Website redesigning process is also another great factor to affect the overall cost of a website revamps. The more you and your team go in-depth for redesigning process, you’ll get a more fine website in your hand. However, this doesn’t mean to cross your project deadline. And we’ve already discussed this process in the above section.

  • Miscellaneous

Besides all of these above, there remain some factors. The miscellaneous factors are advanced SEO task, reliable hosting provider and domain registration, social media marketing, use of website builder etc.

Estimated Cost for Website Redesigning

After discussing all the factors that impact the cost of a website redesign, we’re now coming to the point. We’re going to estimate the final cost for website redesigning.

Domain Name: $5 – $15 per year

Hosting Provider: $1.99 – $39.99 per month

Website Builder: $0 – $18 per month

Design: Designing depends on the choice between templates or custom design. For Template design, price ranges between $35 – $ 200. For Custom designs, price ranges between $5,000 – $ 10,000+.

Developer: Cost of developer depends on the location/region.

In Asian Continent, cost varies between $10 – $80 per hour.

In Australia Continent, cost varies between $50 – $160 per hour.

In Europe Continent, cost varies between $35 – $170 per hour.

In North America Continent, cost varies between $40 – $250 per hour.

SEO: $125 – $150 per hour

Content Writing: Price of Content writing also ranges according to the type of content. There are mainly 4 types of content for the website. Let’s see their prices.

Landing pages: $1,500 – $25,000 per page

SEO blog posts: $80 – $ 950 per blog depending on the length

Miniblog posts: $60 per blog

Link bait articles: $750 – $2,000 per article

Wrapping Up

Web designing is a lengthy process. While website redesigning is more lengthy and includes deep research on various aspects. So, depending on the requirement of the business, you can estimate the overall redesign cost for your website.