Features of a good logo design that every small business must know


A logo is your brand identity and it can be simply defined as a face of a company. A professional look of your logo helps your customer to recognise you and your services in the market.

Why I’m talking about it? Maybe you know this basic thing.

Many of you think creating a logo is a simple and easy task. Yeah, it is true to some extent, but designing the right one for the company brand is about creation. Yes, designing a great logo needs a creative and skilled designer.

Let me ask you something. Do you know the types of logos?

If your answer is no, let’s see the types of logo. Otherwise, you can skip this one.


An icon is a symbol which can be an image or shape that represent your company. Your icon may be effective if it can convey your message at first look. Some popular icons are:


Wordmark is just a text logo with some graphic elements like line, box, border. Wordmark logo includes your brand name in a unique style to impress the potential customer. Mostly, the popular company uses Wordmark as their logo. Some of them are:

Combination mark

Combination mark uses both icons and text to create an integrated logo. These types of logo are easier to copyright than comparing to above two. Some examples of great combination logo are:

Now, it’s time to discuss key features of good logo design that every small business must know.

First: Simple and original


Your logo is a visual representation of your brand so keep it simple and original. Imitating others’ design will not give the confidence to stand in the competitive world. Creating funny yet unique logo will surely make you different and creates your distinct image in the whole world. You can trademark your logo to protect it from others and claim it as your private property.

Second: Clear, Concise and Memorable


The complicated and ambiguous logo may confuse your targeted audience. If you’ve hired a designer to create your company logo, the first thing you have to do is to give the clear objectives of your business and clear picture of your targeted audience. So, that your designer can understand your business as you and design a clear and concise logo for your brand. Then, check whether the logo is memorable or not. Memorable logo helps the customer to recognise you and your services instantly as it marks the permanent impression in the customers’ mind.

 Third: Versatile and Flexible

Your functional logo needs to be versatile that means it must give a consistent look in any size of medium. You have to use your company logo for large banners to small business cards. So, what I mean to say is you have to maintain the flexible nature of your logo in all sizes. And a vector logo retains the versatile property. Vector logo ensures the same quality in any size.

Your logo will be more effective if it’s good in the black and white format as in colour, if it’s good in billboard and the favicon size and if it’s good when printed in one colour.

Fourth: Appropriate colour combination


Colour is the key factor that determines the effectiveness of your logo. Different colours imply a different meaning so, you have to be more careful on choosing the colour for your logo.  You can choose the colour combination by analysing the nature of your business. For example, if your company serves child toys, then it must use a childish font and colour. If your company sells the ladies cosmetic, you can use fancy colours. Let’s break down the psychological meaning of colours from The Psychology of Colour in Logo Design.

  • Red: Exciting, Sexy and Urgent
  • Blue: Strength, Dependability & tranquillity
  • Green: Peace & Growth
  • Yellow: Optimistic, Clarity and Warm
  • Orange: Creative, Youthful and Enthusiastic.
  • Purple: Spiritual, Royalty & Beauty
  • Black: Professional & Credible
  • White: Clean & Pure.

Fifth: Timeless and Adaptability


A great logo must be timeless. Your logo shouldn’t change as the time fly. You have to maintain the same logo design so as to make it remarkable over the period. It is not a good idea to follow the trends in your logo because you may lose your identity in the future. Also, your logo must maintain the same quality in different media (coloured, B/W).

This is all about the features of a good logo design. Now, what next?

Do you have some creative ideas to design your logo? You can find many online logo design tools. For your convenience, you can refer my article on the Best Logo Design Softwares.

Well, you’ve come to the end of the topic, but I’d like to share something that can be useful to you. I’m briefly explaining the benefit of a good logo. Let’s see it quickly.

  • Your logo helps to expand your network as a marketing tool.
  • Your logo builds an image of your company and establishes trust of your niche customers.
  • Your logo adds the value of your company in the market.
  • Your logo tells goals, objectives and the nature of your business.
  • Your unique logo stands you as a novel brand.

 Final Thought

Designing a logo is not about drawing an image or icon. It’s about creating a brand, adding professionalism and dragging targeted customer in your business. So, you have to check whether your logo contains these features or not.