Logo Design Trends 2017


As the time lapses, a lot of modification is observed in every field.

Likewise, in the logo design, this year we can see some new trends and some advance trends from the previous year.

You know a logo represents your brand and helps your potential customer to recognise you in the crowd. Regarding this fact, I think creating a unique logo is challenging. So, I did some research on this topic and try to bring the top logo design trends.

Then what are the logo designing trends that will hit this year 2017? Let’s see.

Minimal Design

Although the advance forms are emerging, the simple and memorable design is still popular. The Minimal design retains the meaning of your brand within itself. Your potential clients will perceive the purpose of your brand in a simple way.

Some examples of a good logo with Minimal Design are:

Smallbiz web design agency uses the combination of minimal colours and simple text in their logo. The logo is simple yet shows its uniqueness.
Walk logo is also simple with an elegant look. The use of legs to represent alphabetic ‘A’ is its unique nature.
And Crown is yet another good looking logo design with minimal design. The proper use of a crown image in place of letter ‘W’ is amazing.

Negative Space

Negative Space (whitespace) was the breakthrough in 2016 and it seems to peek its position this year also. Designers use Negative Space to present dual meaning in the single logo. This type of logo will engage the customer to find the meaning behind it.

The use of proper colour in the white space will give clean and visible looks to the logo. So, if the designer can use the negative space in the logo more intuitively, you’ll get a unique and memorable logo.

Examples of the logo with negative space are:

Image of Pacman is crafted in such a way that the negative space gives a creative picture of an explorer.
The proper use of negative space forms the map of Australia in between the hand and arched body of a girl.
This is the logo of international shipping company FedEx expresses. The negative space between letter ‘E’ and ‘X’ shows the forward arrow.


Simplicity is always beautiful. Creativity along with simplicity will give your company a brand in the short period of time. If you think your logo is a kind of a mess, then it’s time to redesign your logo. Your logo must focus on streamlining design. Because many customers use mobile than a desktop. And the customer loves the design which fits in all the resolutions.

Let’s see the examples of the simple logo.


Just like in the previous years, this year also follows a hand-drawn technique as the popular trends in logo design.This type of logo carries a uniqueness which particularly suits food court, bakery or restaurant. Creation of Hand-Drawn logo requires scanning and vector tracing steps to transform hand-made design to fully vector logo.

A designer with a creative mind will create a bespoke hand-drawn logo. Usually, we find a hand-drawn logo on black and white contrast. While this year is going to be trendy with the use of colourful hand-drawn logos.

Some good examples are:

In logo happy house clearly, signifies the house within a letter ‘H’ and downward hand lying above the house.

Here in the bread & breakfast designer gives full justice to the design that presents the company’s service.

The design of the snap logo is impressive in nature.

Mobile Design

Our vision perceives a static image for a short period of time than comparing the logo with the moving parts.

The latest trend in 2017 combines the print material and web based animated GIFs. Mobile design in a logo adds an effect to the image. This design is surely the most challenging one. It adds more variation in logo designing.

Examples of Mobile Logo are:


Sometimes the past memory spreads good vibes and delights us. The same feeling can be brought in our logo by creating the Vintage logo. Vintage logo portrays a brand that has a good connection with the customer over the long period.

This type of logo is suitable for whisky bars or cigar lounges. Some examples of a Vintage logo:



Typography techniques to create a logo will give an effective and memorable logo. This year crafting topography with stencil fonts come across to create the eye-catchy logo. A typography design will be more attractive with the proper combination of colour and scaling.

Some of the freely available stencils typography is AG stencil, Capture it, Stela UT, Scriber, Butcher, Stencilla, etc.

Examples are:

In V&A design, designer cleverly uses the ampersand to create letter ‘A’.
Hiding the proper structure of letter ‘I’ in minimal design gives a new look to this logo.
The proper colour combination in the typography of WPCreative gives a unique look of this design.

Black & White

Black & White are an evergreen trend which has remained since the old days. As the name suggests, this type of logo consists only black and white colour. The combination of black & white colour will nail down the power of coloured design. This type of logo suits any type of company.

Black & White can be combined with any topography or patterns to form a unique logo.

Examples of Black & White logos are:

Here, the artist explains the company objectives properly in this logo using  Black & White colour.


This is the Black & White form of MailChimp logo.
The popular PlayBoy brand uses Black & White logo, which is still popular.

Colour & Gradient

Use of colour and gradient were popular in the old days. But, it fades out in between and has now begun its new trends. In past years, most of the designers use bright colours for the gradient. Nowadays, designers prefer to use the soft hues and material design colours to create a unique logo. In the recent days, the gradient is widely used to colour 3D logos.

Examples are:

This Creative logo shows the proper use of gradient to give WOW look.
The Instagram logo is filled with the gradient effect.
And Google is the perfect example of the proper use of colour to give simply the best logo.

Geometric Shapes

Use of geometric shapes and lines is still trending design in 2017. Designers will create a beautiful logo with the simple design. They must have good skills to create symmetric or unsymmetric shapes to give a unique look to the logos.

Sometimes the simple use of geometric lines could serve eye-catchy logo. A designer can add gradient or colour or typography to add some taste in the logo. Let’s see some examples.

Designing the finest logo will surely cost some money. So, before procuring a logo, you must know what is your expectation from a logo? Then determine whether the design of logo follows the recent trends or not.

I hope, I was able to summon all the recent trends of 2017.

If you know other trends which are missing in this article, kindly share your opinions.