8 Marketing Automation tools to skyrocket your online marketing


Marketing is essential for the business as it has potential to nurture a visitor into regular customers. And, online marketing is a modern technique of marketing and promotion.

Online marketing is a huge field that includes content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and others.

Organising different campaigns and managing them on the regular basis are annoying. So, the automation tool was developed to rescue all the marketers from this issue.

Do you have the basic idea of Marketing Automation Tool?

Marketing automation tool is a software which is truly designed to solve the complication of automating the repetitive task of the different marketing campaign. Hence, we can say, the proper use of automation tool will increase the efficiency and decrease the human error on the marketing campaigns.

And in this article, we’ve listed highly reviewed automation tools by the customers.

Well, before jumping into our topic, I’d like to share some important tips on automation tool.

You have to summon these points in mind before deciding the suitable automation tool. Because you may get a better result by choosing the best one.

  • Clear your objectives

It is very necessary to have a clear vision of your business objectives. Then only, you can set a goal of your advertising campaigns. After that, you have to compare different tools that can fulfil your requirements.

  • Get the right people

It’d be more helpful if you have a marketing manager or social media manager in your office. Because he might have a good knowledge of your system’s requirement and choose the right one.

  • Get the suitable tool

Your final decision will be to purchase the right tool for your business. So, after having a full idea of your specification, go and get it. But, it’d be good if you avoid using the cheap one. As you can see, some tool provider company might follow their strategy to provide you with the basic services at cheap price and bill you with different charges for the extra features. Thus, sometimes purchasing the cheap one will suffer you in the long term.

  • Monitor your campaign, tweak the process

Once purchasing an automation tool is done, it is important to monitor your campaign regularly and tweak it if necessary. Regular monitoring with new updates on your activity leads to the success.

And, you have to analyse these features in Marketing Automation Tool before finalising.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • User-friendly and budget-friendly
  • Website and CRM integration
  • Lead management
  • Real-time alert
  • Landing page management

Now, here is the list of top 8 automation tools based on the customer reviews.



Infusionsoft is an automation tool for the small business which is providing its best services in sales and marketing to build the loyal customer. Till now, it has served 125,000 trusty users.

Infusionsoft helps you to grow and organise your sales more efficiently. It captures more lead to your business, improves conversion rates, supports 24/7 online shopping experience, manages the sales process. It also provides group training class, live events, webinars, downloadable guides to the users.

Pricing: Infusionsoft provides its service at starting plan $199/mon (Essential) to $599/mon(Team) with 3 different packages-Kickstart Lite ($999), Kickstart ($1,999) and Kickstart Pro ($2,999).


  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Sharing
  • Easy publishing, Landing Pages
  • Multimedia Marketing management
  • Built-in metadata and keyword fields
  • Marketing and Sales Reports



Hubspot marketing is inbound marketing software that helps to increase traffic, convert leads and improve the ROI of the business. It aids small business to track and convert leads at no cost. Users can use Hubspot for creating landing pages, calls-to-action and to get SEO tips.

Pricing: It provides its services at no cost. You can expand its functionality as your company grows at just $200/mon.


  • Customise Views
  • Deal and Task Board
  • Email, Phone and Website Integration
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Marketing Automation and CRM details
  • Templates, Tracking and Scheduling



Eloqua, the marketing automation tool of Oracle, supports to increase conversions and accelerate sales. It enables users to plan, execute and automate the marketing campaigns. And, allow to personalised campaigns for specific groups and send them across multiple channels including email, web, video and mobile. It is best suited to the large company.

Pricing: Oracle provides 3 packages with different price depending on the need of the company. Basic plan starts with $2,000 (10 users), the Standard plan starts with $4,000 (50 users) and Enterprise plan price depends on Contact sales (unlimited users).


  • Managing Email Marketing Campaign
  • Multi-channel Campaign
  • Event Management
  • Marketing Content Database
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Contact profiling and segmentation
  • Content creation, publishing & promotion
  • Marketing advisor team, much more.



World’s leading enterprise level marketing solution, Marketo provides services for Lead Management, Email Marketing, Consumer Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Customer Base Marketing. It supports more than 4,300 customers from B2C to B2B of any sizes.

Pricing: Marketo solution provides its service at the starting price of $1195/mon.


  • Automated Email responses
  • Manage Email Deliverability
  • Dynamic Content
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Online behaviour tracking and CRM integration
  • Lead Scoring and Grading
  • Program Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Social Media Ads, campaigns and social sharing
  • ROI, SEO and revenue analytics
  • Sales Insights



ActiveCampaign, at its start days, only serves an email marketing as its services. But, now it has expanded its services for marketing automation and sales and CRM. It provides different resources (helpful articles), training (personalised training for the business), videos and guides to support its users.

Pricing: It provides affordable price with no setup charges. You can get 4 plans from small business to enterprise level. Lite at $17/mon, Plus at $49/mon, Professional at $99/mon and Enterprise at $149/mon.


  • Email Segmentation and Split Testing
  • Subscription Forms and Dynamic Content
  • Site and Event Tracking
  • SMS Marketing
  • Sales Automation
  • Contact and Lead Scoring
  • Gmail Extension



Pardot is a B2B marketing automation tool by salesforce to generate high-quality leads, streamline lead management, calculate marketing ROI and connect customers with campaigns. It has the ability to sync your CRM with Google Analytics with advanced web analytics.

Pricing: To empower your sales and marketing campaigns, Pardot brings 3 different plans with the best price. Standard marketing automation at $1,000/mon (Standard plan, 10,000 contacts), Advanced marketing automation at $2,000/mon (Pro plan, 10,000 contacts) and Customisable marketing automation at $3,000/mon (Ultimate plan, 10,000 contacts).


  • Lead Nurturing
  • Real-time sales alerts
  • Lead scoring and grading
  • Campaign ROI Reporting
  • Social profile lookups and social share buttons
  • Google Analytics Connector
  • Integrates Salesforce, SugarCRM, Netsuite & Microsoft Dynamics
  • Landing Pages and Forms
  • Manage Search Campaigns



A marketing company which is successfully providing its marketing automation services since 2012 is LeadSquared. It has served (smaller to medium sized business firm) more than 10,000 users across 32 countries. Its job specification includes Marketing Automation and Sales and mobile CRM.

Pricing: It serves Basic, Standard and Enterprise Plan at an economical price. Basic at $150/mon (5,000 contacts), Standard at $400/mon (25,000 contacts) and Enterprise at $1,200/mon (100,000 contacts).


  • Email Campaign
  • Deep insights on campaigns and lead sources
  • Responsive landing pages
  • Lead Nurturing and Management
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Analytics and Automation
  • Track user behaviour and activities



Act-on is the best option as the inbound and outbound marketing automation tool for fast-growing business which builds the brand and drives demand for your business. It measures marketing success and customer relation of your business. You can ROI calculator to calculate how much you can increase your ROI and conversion rate.

Pricing: Its pricing is a bit expensive for small business but, is good for medium to large businesses. Professional plan starting at $600/mon (1,000 active contacts, 3 marketing users, 50 sales users) and Enterprise plan starting at $2,000/mon (10,000 active contacts, 6 marketing users, 100 sales users).


  • Email marketing
  • Keyword Analysis
  • SEO audit tool
  • Lead Generation and Management
  • AdWords tracking
  • CRM integration
  • Real-time campaign performance insights
  • Social media tools
  • A/B testing
  • Event Management
  • Content Creation

Choosing the suitable marketing tool will surely cater you to enlarge your customer reach and collect the revenue for a long term. Have you started using an automation tool for your business? If not, then don’t waste your time. Because the marketing automation tool will support any business.

Share your most useful marketing automation tool if it is not listed here.