How can you use Social Media for your small business?


Social media is one of the best ways to connect with people and broaden your social networking. Do you agree with this?

Let’s consider this scenario.

You have a business of a bakery shop and your friend has also started the same business after a few months. Now, you see his visitor growth is gradually increasing than yours. You try with many traditional marketing strategies to increase your publicity. But, the result was not satisfactory. After your friend’s suggestion to create a Facebook account and use paid advertising on it, your business started inclining as you expected.

So, this is the advantage of the social media. Just, think where your targeted customers are and notify them your presence on it. You’ll notice your customers at your doorstep.

Statistic of Social Media

People spend most of their time on different social media. According to the statistics of smartinsights, more than 1,870 million active users are using Facebook,  followed by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with 1,000 million users.

Statistic of Social Media

Source: Smart insights

So, we can see an interaction of people on the social media platform is much more than on the other platform on the web. Then, don’t you think this is the best place for the small business to establish their online existence?

However, creating an account on the social media is insufficient. You have to actively engage your latest updates and events to your customers. Make them feel that you care for them and actively answer their question.

Encouraging more traffic is a challenging task to perform. But, a better understanding of social media marketing will help you to solve this problem.

I have listed some simple steps to use social media as a weapon to attract your leads. Let see how you can extend your small business using the social media. I’ll show you some best social media post at the end of this article.

Set up your business objectives

There is a goal of any business before its establishment. Yes, you have to set the main purpose of your business and look for the targeted customers. Then, look for their social media engagement. Not only that, you should have a good idea of your competitors and their plan of action. In this way, you can plan your business strategy to invite your potential customers.


So, start your research on whether the customer’s need matches your business objectives or not and how your competitors are able to gain success.

Create your Social media account

Creating the social media account is the first step towards social media marketing, so, go for it. The most popular social media for business are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram. You can easily create your business page on them.


Then, start following your targeted customers before hoping that the customers will follow you. This will make your customer feel special and helps to build trust in your business.

Post your regular updates

Customer engagement is a key to the success of any business. And, the best way to achieve this is by providing new updates on the social media. It’s not necessary to post on the daily basis, but, make sure to post your new content to notify your customer.  It is a better way to use the interactive images or funny videos to make an interesting post.

regular update

If you have a number of subscribers, then, sending email after new updates may not be beneficial as the subscriber may feel dizzy with that. But, posting the new content on the social media alerts your subscriber in a more impressive way.

Answer your customer’s queries

 Your customer may have questions with your post.  You should be able to answer all their queries. Responding to your customer with the helpful thoughts will improve your customer care service. You can add some useful guidelines using user’s feedback on your post.

Answer your customer’s queries

Listening to your customer and sharing your views with them in a real time, is a great feature of the social media. You can make better use of this feature and add your business value on the web.  

Create Contest to attract visitors

Who doesn’t want to take part in an interesting contest with the exciting offer? Yes, creating a contest and offering the best prizes for the winner will be the best way to allure the customers. If you have an accessories shop, you can create a contest with the simple question. You can invite your customer to like or share your post to participate in your contest. And you can offer the best accessories of your store to the winner. In this way, you can increase your lead using various social media platforms.

Social Media Contest

You can create different types of contest/events like offer discount, free entry for first 10 participants, giveaway and many other.

Boost your post with Social advertising

Boost post with Social advertising

Source: Speakingsocially

Competition is everywhere. Use of the social media for business is also trending and has become a great challenge. With some research on a keyword to target,  your potential audience will help you with this. You can create a good post using your keyword and invest your money in social advertising. The result will be satisfactory. Next day, you’ll see more engagement of targeted leads on your page. So, boost your post and start marketing with social media.

Use social media marketing tool

Engage yourself most of the time, with the social media is a kind of burdensome. But, also it is important to perform. The only solution is the use of social media marketing tool. You can easily automate all your social media tasks with this tool. For the beginners, you can try Hootsuite or Buffer. They cover all popular social media and is simple to use.

social media marketing tool

The social media marketing tool provides the following features:

  • Centralise all customer messages and notify you
  • Manage all your social media pages
  • Maintain your customer relationships
  • Monitor your social engagement
  • Monitor progress of your business
  • Analyse your performance and compare with your competitor

Share your knowledge

share knowledge

You can use different social media to share anything you think relevant to your business. Beside this, you can share a new thing that you want to inform your customer. Many people may find your page interesting and they may follow you for more contents.

 What else……….

As I made a promise to show you the best social post and here we go…

facebook post

Facebook post

This one is good as we can see its caption with the purpose to provoke the fans to watch this movie.

twitter post

Twitter post

This was the popular one in 2016, and you know why.

pinterest post

Pinterest Post

Wow, look at this image, isn’t it a fantastic shot.

There is a plenty of benefits using social media. The small business can increase their profit even with a small investment. WOW, sounds good, isn’t it? So, increase your social network and make your business successful.

If you have any confusion, you can ask me in the comment section.