Simple & Easy Tips to Start as an Entrepreneur from Home


Wandering here and there to get a job is what we usually do.

If you feel exhausted of doing that, why don’t you start your own business?

The internet provides you with a great opportunity at no cost.

Yeah, you got it right. You can earn money from your home and establish yourself as a successful Entrepreneur.

In this article, I’m going to reveal some super easy tricks to make money from home. It does not matter whether you are a job holder or a student.  Anyone can easily adopt these simple tips to start as an entrepreneur from home and make money.

Online survey


The simple way to earn money is to participate in an online survey. You have to just fill out the survey form to place your opinion or feedback. It will take a few minutes to complete the survey. And the company will offer you cash or prize as the incentives for participating in the survey.

You can find different websites that offer rewards for your opinion. The popular sites are:






YouTube videos


YouTube is one of the second largest search engines after Google. If you are interested in making videos, then YouTube is the best platform to earn money. You have to create your account on YouTube and upload your video on your YouTube channel. Then YouTube will pay for each view. Also, you can monetize the videos to earn money.

Start as a freelancer

start as a freelancer

Freelancing is the best approach to start online earning. First, you have to find out your strength and skill. Then, analyse whether you are good in designing, coding, SEO, data entry or writing or any other field. After that, register yourself as a freelancer in freelancing websites such as upwork, freelancer, 99designs, iFreelance and others. At last, complete your profile by adding your skills and place the minimum wage of your work (per hour). These freelancing website will provide a number of clients with whom you can work for a short period of time.

If your writing skill is awesome, you can start your writing job on the sites like iWriter, TextBroker, FreelanceWriting, etc.

Create a website


The website is a source of passive income. You can create many websites using website builders. Then sell these websites from your site or from 3rd party sites. You can earn by monetizing your site using Google Adsense. You can also start advertisement on your site by including links, banners and product of others.

Start blogging


Blogging is trending and the best way to earn money. Your best blogging will generate more leads to the site. Then you can use Adsense and ad network to bring money home. You can also promote your own product/services from your blog. You can make money by adding the membership feature in your blog.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to make money online. Today, most of the people prefer online shopping which boosts the scope of Affiliate Marketing. You just have to promote the products of the merchant on your website. For every purchase of products by the customer, you’ll receive certain percents of commission as a reward.

You can find a list of affiliate networks on the web. The popular affiliate networks that provide Affiliate Marketing for the small business website includes CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Amazon Associates and MaxBounty.

Online courses


You can create a video tutorial or written course on the subject of your interest. Or, you can also present yourself as a virtual tutor. Either way, you are sharing your knowledge and making money.

Udemy is the online platform where you can create your online course and sell it to the learners. The more interesting subject you have, the more you will generate educators and the more you earn.

Online sites like,, and are the best platforms for tutors.

Write and sell ebook


The nifty writer can have a choice of writing an ebook and sell it. With the development of Kindle e-reader & iPad, the popularity of the ebook is hiking. An interesting titled e-book with high reviews will be the first choice of many. So, you have to pay attention while picking a title of your ebook.

Your subject on ebook can be the guides, manuals, science fiction, technology or anything that your customer feels interesting.  You can gather all your research information, experience to create an ebook. Then you have to choose an eye-catching cover for your ebook. Your cover will also determine whether the customer feels interesting or not.

Start with Fiverr


Fiverr is the online marketplace to sell your services at $5. It is not the place to earn lots of money in a week or a month. But it is the best platform to showcase your talent (for beginners). You can select your area of interest and create your gigs to sell your services. The customer who likes your gigs will order your service and pay $5 for your complete gig.

Use Facebook


Facebook has extended its potentiality from social network to marketing platform. Yes, you can perform various marketing strategies using Facebook and generate a revenue. Besides marketing, you can earn money by selling Facebook Fanpage posts, sharing affiliate link, sell your products/services and more.

Become a virtual assistant


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Some freelancing site offers jobs for virtual assistants. You can apply as a freelancer for it. Your job will be similar as a physical assistant to help the executives.

Your task can be checking emails, scheduling travel dates, counselling, writing & proofreading, marketing, research etc. depending on the clients’ necessity.

Sell Photos online


If you are interested in photography, then this option is suitable for you. You can place all your good works on the sites. The customers who like your photography will buy your photo at your estimated price.

Some sites that pay you better are Shutterstock, iStock Photo, Photobucket. Here, you will be paid for your creativity.

Wrap up

These are the basic ideas or strategies to earn money by utilising the power of the internet. If you know any other ideas then feel free to share your thoughts.