Top 12 Website Builders for the Small Business


Today’s Digital world is providing numerous options like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn in expanding the network and reaching millions of people around the world. But, also website development is dominating all of the social media. Because it has become a necessity to have the online presence of any business.

Building an aesthetic website with lots of features is a dream of everyone. But the small business owner is bound to his tight budget to hire a good website building firm/agency. So, he has to develop his business website by himself.

Although it is hard to design/develop a website for the non-geek users, the internet is full of solutions. Yes, you can find a list of website builders to build your first website using your fingertips. And, today, in this article, we’re going to introduce you with the reliable and top website builders that are comparatively helpful to all small business owners.

WordPress [create your site]


WordPress is a popular CMS for its ease. Anyone with an aim for the web development can develop a website for free. It provides a highly customisable platform to create a unique website look. The users can access free themes and plugins to customise their website.

The major deficiency of WordPress website is that the user has to set up a good domain name and a suitable hosting provider for his website. The expense of domain and hosting service may vary for different companies.

Wix [create your site]


Wix is an easiest and simplest website builder on the internet. It features hundreds of free stunning templates. You need to provide your email address and specify the business category. After that, Wix will automatically display suggested layouts for your website. You can easily add/move the elements with the use of a drag-and-drop feature. It provides the features like create events and manage guest lists, online storage for the site, add a blog, insert video backgrounds, personalised SEO plan, animated titles and mobile apps.

The free hosting website provides limited storage space of 500MB, built-in Google Analytics and Wix ads on all pages of your website. Although it creates a beautiful website, it has some limitation. It doesn’t give the user access to HTML code, thus, the user cannot customise the layout of the website and it doesn’t contain built-in comments feature for the website.

Squarespace [create your site]


Squarespace is a website builder site for creating a professional looks business website. It contains hundreds of beautiful, clean, minimalistic and responsive templates for photographers, musicians, restaurants, weddings and bloggers. But the templates are less customisable like Wix. It provides the online community to help the clients in building a website. The users can utilise the power of marketing tools to get found in the search engine and engage their customers.

Squarespace provides the feasibility to analyse the traffic statistics for audience size and no. of page views at the specified time intervals.

Weebly [create your site]


Weebly is a good choice as the intuitive website builder to create a personal website or e-commerce website. It is a user-friendly website builder with powerful drag & drop editor that allow placing any elements on the web page. It can scale up as your business grows.

If the user wants to switch the template, it’ll automatically transfer all the content of the website to another template at just 1-click. It provides user access to HTML/CSS code so, the users can easily customise the design of their website. Weebly also integrates your site with a third-party add-on (PayPal, Google Apps) in its upgrade plan.

However, Weebly can not showcase the related/popular blogs on the website and requires the users to have coding skills to customise the template.

DudaOne [create your site]


DudaOne is the responsive website builder to create your website using clear interface. It integrates the social media with your website and offers built-in traffic analysis system. It gives the user access to customise the HTML/CSS code to build a unique website. Its key benefits of using free packages include reliable hosting, does not limit the number of sites, offers generous bandwidth, and lets selling up to 10 products.

Jimdo [create your site]


Jimdo is a great website building platform which allows a user to create a professional website in just a few clicks. The user can easily edit and optimise the site for the search engines without coding. With the use of the mobile app, users can easily edit the website from anywhere at anytime.

Jimdo offers easily customisable and highly responsive template which is suitable for e-shops, business website, portfolio and blogs. It allows adding your business location with the use of Google maps, embeds the video on the website, creates a beautiful photo gallery by simply uploading photos, integrate your website with the social media account, and supports customer to download a file from your site. With all these features, you can easily create a user-friendly website.

IM Creator [create your site]


IM Creator is a responsive and Google-friendly website builder with its simple drag & drop editor. It is targeted to create an e-commerce and blogging site. It comes with the e-commerce solution at the economic cost. It supports scalable features of the website as your business grows.

In its free package, it offers free domain name of the second level with 50MB storage, accesses all themes and Ads free website.

Webs [create your site]


Webs is truly a website builder for the small business which provides free sites with a custom domain name. You’ll get SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly and the social media integrated website on your hand. It contains customisable templates, built-in SEO booster, and built-in web analytics tool for your site.

The free package includes 1 website along with a mobile version of the site with ads, limited bandwidth up to 500MB and storage space up to 40MB. Your online store using the free package lets you sell only 5 products.

SiteBuilder [create your site]


SiteBuilder is the most intuitive website builder on the web intending all the users (non-technical). This platform provides 10,000 template options, custom domain name, unlimited email addresses, Ads free website, SEO tools, and drag & drop editor. It also includes e-commerce features to support the small business. It also offers affiliate network to caters the user (if interested) to earn the extra money.

Yola [create your site]


Yola is another powerful and flexible website builder tool which is easy to use with its drag & drop functionality. It offers complete control of your website. Users can easily add HTML/CSS and JavaScript code if they have coding knowledge. It has hundreds of professional designs for your website. By using a free package of Yola, you can create an ad-free business website with the scalable features (manage up to 5 websites on one account).

For the online store, it comes with easy management of the inventory, accepts credit cards & PayPal, tracks the orders, integrates with different shipping providers and organises the products of the online store.

Strikingly [create your site]


Strikingly is very simple to create a website. It is the newcomer website builder on the web, yet it is one of the customers’ favourites because of its simplicity and beauty of the design. It assists you to create your website within 30 minutes without having design and coding experience.

Free service provides a domain name of the second level, allow to sell one product and limit your access to the 5GB storage per month.

GoDaddy Website Builder [create your site]


GoDaddy is a popular name in the domain registration and the hosting provider name list. But it also provides website building platform to its users. It offers generous storage and bandwidth limit, and easy, clear, drag & drop interface.

You can create your personal site, business site and online store using GoDaddy website builder. If you choose GoDaddy for selling your product online, then you can manage the inventory in just a few clicks, accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay, access flexible shipping functionality, and reach your customer on the web.

Final Thought

Since many of the business owners are diverting their traditional business to online business, so we suggest you take your first step towards it. And with these website builders, you can easily create your website in just a few clicks.

We wish all the best for your first website.